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Today, in Pasión por Estepona, we invite you to discover everything about the Ajoblanco in Estepona.

One of the gastronomic icons of our land is the well-known Ajoblanco, that cold soup so characteristic of the Andalusian cuisine and that is so delicious in Estepona.

Origin of Ajoblanco

Even today it is not very clear if ajoblanco was born in Granada or Malaga, although what seems more established is that its origin dates back to the cuisine of Al-Andalus.

The almond is one of the main ingredients of this dish, along with garlic, so, the abundance of almonds in the province of Malaga led to the rise of this soup so refreshing as well as nutritious.

 How the Ajoblanco is prepared in Estepona

The recipe for this cold soup varies depending on the region where we are. Not only this, but, with the passage of time, and the entrance of fusion cuisine into gastronomy, the recipe has been changing from the hands of the best chefs who have been making their own version.

Dani García, Malaga chef with two Michelin stars, brings the ajoblanco, together with the gazpacho, as the flag of his land and his kitchen.

Focusing on the classic recipe, the ajoblanco in Estepona is made with water, garlic, almonds, bread, oil, vinegar and salt. Sometimes it is accompanied by muscatel grapes, or pieces of melon or apple.

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You can find other combinations throughout the province that give your own touch to ajoblanco, as it can be the case of Torremolinos, where you add hazelnuts, or in Malaga capital, which is accompanied by pistachios.

If you are going to visit Estepona, we recommend you first take the Pasión por Estepona app with you so you do not miss out on what the city has to offer, and secondly, you can not leave without trying the ajoblanco in Estepona, one of our most typical dishes, which was born as a humble cold soup and has become an icon of our gastronomy.

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The promenade of the sea 06

Passion for Estepona had the great honor of visiting El Paseo del Mar in Estepona.

The promenade of the sea is the new fashionable gastronomic meeting point in Estepona, a new concept of restaurants located in Kempinski Hotel Bahía.

Where gastronomy meets creativity

This new restaurant in Estepona has been created and designed by Zsidai Gastronomy Group, and managed by Kempinski Hotel Bahia the Zsidai Group. Uniting the experience between these two great groups, we want to reach and leave a mark in the gastronomic panorama of the Costa del Sol, with its exquisite avant-garde cuisine dishes.

The people in charge of Pasión for Estepona had the fortune to visit and try the new menu with smoked and healthy flavors that were presented to us from the new restaurants of the Kempinski Hotel Bahía.

El paseo del mar pasion por estepona

Not only will we find a space but they are divided into three that comprise:

Baltazár Bar & Grill

Santiago, the executive chef of Kempinski Hotel Bahía, defines perfectly what they have wanted to show with the new concept of Baltazar Bar & Grill.

“The dishes give a nod to where we are, here in Estepona, but as a global, European vision”

El paseo del mar baltazar

And adds:

“Until you come, until you see it, you will not know how fun new restaurants are”

Spíler Beach Club

Perhaps the most casual and fun corner of the three new spaces that are presented to us. The Spíler Beach Club has a more fun, more fun concept, located next to the beach where you can enjoy lively music and a lighter lunch, where you can sunbathe with a cocktail accompanied by a snack. Or, if you prefer, you can taste a good local fish with salt or a rich paella.

El paseo del mar 01

Spiler Pool Bar

Next to the pool of the Kempinski Hotel Bar we find the Spiler Pool Bar, where a much healthier offer will be offered, with fresh juices, fresh fruit and healthy snacks that are easy to eat. An option more in keeping with its location, to recharge the batteries after a swim in the pool.

All together they form El paseo del mar, at the Kempinski Hotel Bahía.

A letter full of mix of flavors and places

Just by taking a look at the menu we can see how, from one place, we can travel through the palate to different parts of the world, from typical cuisine of the land of the Costa del Sol as dishes that transport us to India. An experience lived through the flavors of the world in the port of Estepona.

El paseo del mar 10

One of the great novelties that we can find in the menu is the use of ovens Josper and Tandoori, which give the dishes that touch of smoked, heat, high temperatures, but avoiding smoke and leaving the restaurant smelling of grill .

Sady Alejandra, and her husband, were able to taste these wonderful flavors offered by hand from El Paseo del Mar, and they were really captivated.

I ate Peri Gambas with yogurt and lime sauce were baked in the Hindu I do not remember the name the taste very good is not very spicy, the mixture of flavors exquisite.

(…) My husband ate Hamburger Baltasar told me that the meat was very rich and soft, very large.

El paseo del mar 03

We invite you, if you spend a few days on the Costa del Sol, take the opportunity to try the delicious dishes they offer at El paseo del mar in Estepona.

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The skewers have become a traditional dish well known and loved in Estepona. Here the union of maritime gastronomy with culinary art, makes this city a perfect delicacy with fried fish typical of the area and a particular place to eat steaks in Estepona.

In which chiringuitos you can eat espetos in Estepona?

A traditional dish is the espeto prepared in fires in the middle of the beach, this makes this meal a star menu in the different beach bars esteponeros. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, the chiringuitos are the favorite restaurants of the diners in summer since they can eat very exquisite and traditional dishes a few meters from the sea.

The views, the marine aromas, the musical of the waves and the touch of the feet with the sand, undoubtedly, conquer us when trying every bite of the espetos in Estepona with all the senses.

In Pasión por Estepona we bring you the two most traditional chiringuitos to eat espetos in Estepona.


Chiringuito EL MADERO

This chiringuito has the peculiarity of being in full La Rada Beach, being one of the most central chiringuitos of Esteponate beaches. It has the recognition of the Best Sardine Spice Award on the Costa del Sol in 2017, so if you want to try a real Espeton of Sardines you must include the EL MADERO Chiringuito within your gastronomic route.

comer espetos en Estepona chiringuito el madero

In addition, this chiringuito has its fried malagueñas and fish and seafood of the highest quality, from the sea directly to your plate. It is a good place where you can try all the authentic fried fish in Estepona.

Chiringuito PACO

The peculiarity of the PACO Chiringuito is the close relationship it has with its clients, whom they rate as a plus for making them stay at home but in the middle of the sea. This Chiringuito is the best located in La Rada Beach, next to the playground and a few meters from the seashore, so it is a good place to go with the children.

The comfort and good dishes are the strengths of this chiringuito, where they provide WIFI and hammocks for you to enjoy the beach and good traditional food. Counting on the typical fried fish from Malaga, together with the scallop and the freshest seafood.

comer espetos en Estepona chiringuito Paco

Reading this, we feel like going and eating spice in Estepona, and you, you come?