Where to eat in Estepona.

The sea and the countryside are the main characters in Estepona’s gastronomy, they provide dishes as picturesque as the soup jacket, which was born from the hands of farmers for the low cost of the ingredients and it’s easy preparation, a spoon dish that is prepared with oil, tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, bread, egg and salt.

The espeto de sardinas, is also protagonist as it happens throughout the Costa del Sol, although it shares it’s protagonism with fried fish in all it’s varieties, which we can taste in restaurants and beach bars.

The ajoblanco, the white wine, the gazpacho, the gazpachuelo, the sardines with the tile, the fish with the salt and the octopus salad, are other gastronomic proposals that you should not miss if you visit our city.

To the traditional and typical gastronomic offer of the area there is the large number of international catering establishments that in recent years have opted for our city and that make it possible for Estepona to present the traveler and the visitor with a wide gastronomic offer capable of making Enjoy the most demanding palates.

From the team of Passion for Estepona, we propose you this guide of catering establishments that will surely make you enjoy your stay in the city.

Chiringuitos to enjoy the freshest fish contemplating the sea, rice restaurants, Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine, haute cuisine, traditional cuisine, seafood, our advice, try them all, because each and every one of them are establishments that offer the best of their kitchens to each client that visits them.

Restaurants, Bars and Chiringuitos in Estepona

Restaurante Carmen

Pasion por Estepona - Foto de categoria Restaurante Carmen

Chiringuito El Madero

Darcy’s Delicatessen

Pasion Por Estepona - Foto Categoria Darcys Delicatessen

Arrocería El Hatillo

donde comer en estepona arroceria el hatillo

Chiringuito Bahía Beach

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Cafetería Maestranza

Chiringuito Lolailo

Pasion por Estepona - Foto de categoria de Chiringuito Lolailo