The skewers have become a traditional dish well known and loved in Estepona. Here the union of maritime gastronomy with culinary art, makes this city a perfect delicacy with fried fish typical of the area and a particular place to eat steaks in Estepona.

In which chiringuitos you can eat espetos in Estepona?

A traditional dish is the espeto prepared in fires in the middle of the beach, this makes this meal a star menu in the different beach bars esteponeros. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, the chiringuitos are the favorite restaurants of the diners in summer since they can eat very exquisite and traditional dishes a few meters from the sea.

The views, the marine aromas, the musical of the waves and the touch of the feet with the sand, undoubtedly, conquer us when trying every bite of the espetos in Estepona with all the senses.

In Pasión por Estepona we bring you the two most traditional chiringuitos to eat espetos in Estepona.


Chiringuito EL MADERO

This chiringuito has the peculiarity of being in full La Rada Beach, being one of the most central chiringuitos of Esteponate beaches. It has the recognition of the Best Sardine Spice Award on the Costa del Sol in 2017, so if you want to try a real Espeton of Sardines you must include the EL MADERO Chiringuito within your gastronomic route.

comer espetos en Estepona chiringuito el madero

In addition, this chiringuito has its fried malagueñas and fish and seafood of the highest quality, from the sea directly to your plate. It is a good place where you can try all the authentic fried fish in Estepona.

Chiringuito PACO

The peculiarity of the PACO Chiringuito is the close relationship it has with its clients, whom they rate as a plus for making them stay at home but in the middle of the sea. This Chiringuito is the best located in La Rada Beach, next to the playground and a few meters from the seashore, so it is a good place to go with the children.

The comfort and good dishes are the strengths of this chiringuito, where they provide WIFI and hammocks for you to enjoy the beach and good traditional food. Counting on the typical fried fish from Malaga, together with the scallop and the freshest seafood.

comer espetos en Estepona chiringuito Paco

Reading this, we feel like going and eating spice in Estepona, and you, you come?

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