To do route afoot for Estepona 04

The Sierra Bermeja has different ways to do routes afoot for Estepona.

Today we bring three routes afoot for Estepona, in order that you could enjoy the free air doing hiking simultaneously that of a few wonderful sights that they find in the Vermilion Saw. There are several types of routes, with different distances, landscapes and tours. We leave you with a small summary of three of our favorite routes:

Walk of the Pinsapos like route afoot in Estepona

This route is particular, due to the fact that it has the only ones pinsapares that exist in the world on peridotitas. It contains a variety of species of plants and animals. It contains raises and descents, steps and stones what helps to that really we strain and us sintamos exercised in this route. Since of the attraction of this route it happens for the bridge that happens over the Throat of the Carob-tree, a good place to do a photo of the landscape and to enjoy him. The walk of the Spanish firs like route afoot in Estepona only they are 8 km from distances, which are 1.5kms in linearly and 6.5kms in circulating.

Hacer ruta a pie por Estepona 01

Route SL – path I Puncture 168 of the Royal ones as route afoot in Estepona

This small route can be perfect for those who want to enjoy of a few good conference and to catch an image of them, since it is a linear tour to the highest of the Vermilion Saw, which the difficulty is his inclination towards the beak, must be dependent on the area. In this route it will be possible observe the whole flora and with luck it departs from the animals that integrate the Vermilion Saw. In the Route SL – TO 168 paths I Sting of the Royal ones as route afoot in Estepona it counts with 3,1kms returnly, being the most short route.

Hacer ruta a pie por Estepona 02

Route SL – TO 169 path Source of the Porrejón like route afoot in Estepona

This route is short and with a low difficulty of penetrating this route. It is perfect to be able to give a calm walk enjoying dense forests of pine and to clear up itself of the stress of the city. The Route of the path Source of the Porrejón like route afoot in Estepona possesses a going and return of 4.9kms, being the second one more felling of the previous route.

Hacer rutas a pie por Estepona 03

We hope that you enjoy the sport and the nature in the routes afoot for Estepona. It follows the cartels of danger and recommendations that is informing you along the routes and remembering, I DID NOT THROW RESIDUES! The Vermilion Saw possesses other routes that can be done so much to bicycle as astride.


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