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Health and Estepona

Estepona, being a coastal city, has less pollution in its environment than another city in the center of Spain, such as Madrid. In addition, the natural parks that surround our city of Malaga, such as the Sierra Bermeja or the beaches of Estepona, among other healthy locations, make the air we breathe purer.

However, health and Estepona can also be found benefiting the sport, since different popular races such as the Urban Race 10 km from Estepona are organized in the city. The surroundings and the city itself become scenarios for outdoor sports activities in a healthy environment without equal.

Places where health and Esteponan come together

In Estepona we can find several companies that are especially dedicated to the health care of their clients, as is the case of the Herbalist Iris, where their healthy and natural products improve the health of their consumers and their quality of life.

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On the other hand we have the renowned Hyperbaric Medical Center of Estepona, one of the centers in Europe accredited in hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy, where elite athletes and people with health problems, obtain benefits with hyperbaric treatments.

Important is also Marbella Lyme Clinic, since it is the only clinic in Spain specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

As for food, we have the Maniello Method, where they will teach you to eat healthy and appropriate to your taste and physical condition, so that you have health at your fingertips.

Meet all the charms of your city, to lead a healthy and comfortable life. Because health and Estepona are accompanied by the hand.

Health and Estepona are one, and what do you do to stay healthy?

end of summer 2018 in Estepona portada

The sadness comes to us with the end of summer that is coming, accompanied by the monotony and return to work and school. However, summer is not over yet and the heat lasts this August. So we bring you a couple of activities that you can still do now in Estepona. Take advantage of the last days of vacation!

What can we do at the end of summer 2018 in Estepona?

We would like you to experience your last days of vacations in our land, so we propose these plans so that you celebrate the end of summer in style.


End of summer 2018 in Estepona experience box

We begin with canyoning, jeepsafari, quads, buggy, which become common activities at this time of year thanks to the packages offered by the Experience Box

Would you like to sail by the end of summer 2018 in Estepona?

This is possible in Estepona as the boats go hand in hand with Charter Toro. This company is characterized by the rental and sale of boats and the services provided to them, such as catering on trips or walks on the Costa del Sol, excursions to Gibraltar or Morocco, among others.

With them you can enjoy the tranquility of the sea and relax before starting the routine again. If you want to gain strength and live the experience of floating on the sea, Charter Toro provides the means for you to do so.
Now it is the end of summer 2018 in Estepona …

It is not like this! The experience can continue under the sea. With Estepona Diving you will be able to discover the marine secrets that we find in the Esteponese coasts. In addition, you can have access to the PADI diving course to become an expert in underwater exits.

End of Summer 2018 in Estepona Diving

The experience of diving accompanied by Buceo Estepona does not occur every day and less the marine discoveries that we find on our coasts, with the local fish, the marine flora, the experience of feeling you come back under the water, you feel a little free fish under the sea.

Enjoy to the fullest what we offer you at the end of summer 2018 in Estepona in the best way. What are you waiting for?