With the arrival of summer and the heat we bring you as a novelty in Pasión por Estepona, one of the sections that we know will have more successes … The beaches of Estepona!

21 km of wide and sunny beaches of Estepona!

So many for those who are going to spend a few days in our city as for the residents, we have prepared a section where we talk to you in depth about each of the beaches that you can find in Estepona. Those beaches are:

La Rada Beach, Cristo Beach, Punta de la Plata Beach, La Galera Beach, Bahia Dorada Beach, Arroyo Vaquero Beach, Costa Natura Beach, Guadalobón Beach, Punta Pinillos Beach, El Velerín Beach, El Castor Beach, Bella Beach, Beach El Padrón, Guadalmansa Beach, Saladillo Beach, Casasola Beach and Atalaya Beach.

What can you find in the new section of Beaches of Estepona?

playas de Estepona casasola

In addition to a brief description of each of the places, interesting and useful information has been added for when you visit them. The data that you will find are the following:

  • Length
  • Type of sand
  • Number of hammocks
  • Rescue posts
  • Nearby hospital
  • Tel. Help
  • Type of access

Without further ado, we’ll give you a little insight into this new section of Playas de Estepona and we hope it will be useful for summer days, and even if it’s not summer, the walks along the shore in Autumn and Spring are another experience we recommend living .

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