Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol

The project of Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol has reached the hundred streets.

One hundred are already the streets that, since 2012, when the project began, have been embellished with trees and flowers by the City of Estepona.

 Estepona Project, Garden of the Costa del Sol

“Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol” was a proposal that was born 6 years ago by the City Council with the aim of transforming the streets of the urban area into streets with typical Andalusian air to become a hallmark that manages to boost tourism. One more reason to visit Estepona, a city full of charm and magical corners, framed now with a flowery environment that shows the soul of Andalusia in its purest state.

This was explained by José María García Urbano, Mayor of Estepona.

“We are making a city with quality of life. We have made our heritage our factor of identification and uniqueness, turning it into a product of urban and tourist excellence”.


In addition, has pointed out how the old town has been reborn becoming one of the must-see places if you pass through Estepona.

“The renovated old town has become one of the most beautiful in Andalusia, has repositioned the city’s tourism brand and has strengthened the urban and cultural tourism segment, offering tourists a new concept of living the city and discovering an urban garden scarce meters of the sea during the 365 days, breaking with the seasonality of the traditional sector of sun and beach”

This project has involved the remodeling of 16 kilometers of pedestrian, public or restricted traffic routes. A total of 8.2 million euros were invested to carry out this connection.

Some streets that are part of “Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol”

Of these 100 streets we are going to highlight two of them today, although we recommend you, if you have time when you visit the city, try to visit all of them.

Calle Florida

What was once a space where cars were the protagonists, now have been eliminated to take steps to light and color provided by beautiful pots full of typical Andalusian flowers.


Plaza Manuel Alcántara

The main attraction of this square is its source of Arabic inspiration with orange trees and cypresses around it. This square is dedicated to the Malaga poet and journalist Manuel Alcántara, whose bust can also be found in this cozy place.

“Because urban art is a cultural heritage of the first order. It shows us a living and changing city; that transforms a public space into an open-air gallery and helps us to know the culture from close “Proclamaba García Urbano in 2013, when the plaza was inaugurated, and attended by the poet himself”.

Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol 03

This is just a small sample of what Estepona offers us with its streets adorned and prepared for the Andalusian spring.

One hundred are the reasons you have now to visit Estepona. Do not forget the Estepona Tourism App, so you do not miss out on this beautiful coastal city. Get it on Google Play (Coming soon for IOS)


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