xii edición pasion por estepona

The next 20th of March, the XII edition of the tourist guide Pasión por Estepona is presented. This year the cover pays homage to the clock tower and this monument has been chosen because the towers in ancient times served two purposes: the first so that the townspeople could see beyond the town and the second, because the towers clock marked the most important times, such as events, parties and others.

Based on these objectives, this year the Pasión de Estepona team has taken a step further and includes in its project the redesign of the corporate website, as well as the creation of a free tourist application.

In this way, the goal is to make Pasión por Estepona a tourist guide of the region that serves as a reference for neighbors and visitors and also an APP that provides any information on culture, tourism, sports and leisure. In this edition we have had the confidence of more than 70 companies in our new edition

This is something that makes us feel very proud, although we want the family to continue growing, and that is why the new modality of online contracting is now available to give the opportunity to all those who want to participate in this exciting project.

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