Activities planned in Estepona for the month of January

Courses and workshops 2017-2018

Place: Padre Manuel Cultural Center

Date: 01/10/2017 to 06/30/2018

Price: On request

The City Council of Estepona, through the Sociocultural Area and Services, informs that next October 2 will begin the Courses and Workshops of the Delegation of Culture for this edition 2017-2018. Interested students who have not yet formalized their registration, may carry it out in the facilities of the Padre Manuel Cultural Center until the vacancies are completed.

The deputy mayor responsible for the Socio-Cultural Area and Services, Blas Ruzafa, has highlighted the wide variety of disciplines that are offered for all ages and the great acceptance of these courses and workshops by the public. He also stressed the aid offered by the City to the groups that are in a situation of greater vulnerability. Thus, all courses and workshops of Culture will have a 50% reduction in their cost for retirees who receive only the Non-Contributory pension and their income does not exceed 1.3 the Interprofessional Minimum Wage (SMI), long-term unemployed and students belonging to family units in the same situation, and people who prove a disability greater than 33%.

Students who are enrolled in the Adult Center of Estepona, the students of Solfeo who enroll in Piano, the accredited youth correspondents in the Youth delegation, the students who belong to a large family unit will also benefit from this 50% bonus. Likewise, students of the Municipal Band workshop who do their practices in the same Band and a 25% bonus for those who are enrolled in more than one course of the Culture delegation will have a 100% discount.

Courses and Workshops 2017/18 of Culture are the following:

Chess: Levels of initiation to chess and improvement for all ages.

Artistic Area: Theater (Children, Youth and Adult Workshop)

Dance Area: Ballroom Dances (Latin Rhythms, Sevillanas, Rumba, Paso Doble, Oriental Dance, Bridal Choreography …), Classical-Flamenco Dance and Preparation for the Conservatory, Flamenco Dance, Castanets …

Languages: Spanish for Foreigners and English, at all levels.

Crafts Area: Painting in Cloth, Drawing and Painting (Children’s and Adult Workshops), Bobbin Lace and Fabric Painting, Tiffany and Polychrome.

Music Area: Flamenco Guitar, Percussion, Piano (from 9 years old), Solfeggio and Musical and Instrumental Training Workshop of the Municipal Band of Music.

Courses in Cancelad: Chess, Ballroom Dance and Belly Dance, Cutting and Making, Bobbin Lace and Crafts (In Cancelada and Isdabe).

Other Courses (by award of cultural classrooms): Modern Dance, Ballet, Dance, History of Art, School of Life, Learning to Sing, English in Canceled, French (French Alliance) and Danzaterapia.

All courses and workshops scheduled must be paid by advanced quarters, after registration. The bonuses will not be cumulative.

Interested persons can expand information and formalize enrollment in the delegation of Culture, located at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center, from Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tel .: 952 80 83 85 -email:

You can download the course program by clicking here.

Art exhibition: “Itinerantes”

Date: 01/12/2017 to 01/31/2018

Place: Teatro Felipe VI

Price: Free

The City Council of Estepona, through the Sociocultural Area and Services, informs that the “Poseidón” exhibition hall of the Felipe VI Auditorium will host, during the months of December and January, the art exhibition “Itinerantes”, by the artist Rodolfo Gil Romero.

Like the previous ones, this show is possible thanks to the collaboration agreement of the company Malvavisco Digital, current manager of the Auditorium, and the Cultural and Cinematographic Association of the Costa del Sol “Unicornio”, and can be visited for free, in the days of celebration of events in the Felipe VI Auditorium.

The sample is composed of more than twenty figurative works of small format, using mixed media, collages, ink and watercolors, and for the author an ironic gesture, a quiet cry motivated by stupor and impotence in the face of the suffering of so many people that they have to leave their countries, their families and their houses to look for more worthy horizons, and they undertake a long journey risking their lives and losing them in many cases, in these nearby waters in which others enjoy and take vacations.

The exhibition begins to take shape with the wrecks in Lampedusa, in October 2013, and in the following events on Spanish coasts and borders, and proposes a reflection on the unjust relationship between countries, between abundance, exploitation and the consequences of war.

The narration is carried out through characters that represent on the one hand the life, the memory, the wisdom, and the empathy of doctors and cooperators towards these suffering people, and others that symbolize the indifference and contempt towards these displaced and dispossessed.

Rodolfo Gil Romero is an architect born in Tucumán, Argentina, and has lived in Spain since 1986 in Madrid and Seville, and since 1990 in Marbella. In addition to performing various courses in Contemporary Art and Graphic Design, Photography, and Drawing and Painting, among others, he also dedicates himself to writing. Among other awards, he has won the first in the “Illustrated Poetry” Contest in Tucumán and the “Rafael Leoz Foundation” Award in Madrid, and has been the winner of the third edition of the Micro-book Fair Contest of the Book Fair of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara.

Exhibition: “Calaponos de Estepona”

Date: 16/12/2017 to 16/01/2018

Place: Archaeological Museum

Price: Free

The artist PACO B. (Francisco Benzal Soto), esteponero painter / sculptor, emigrated to France forty years ago but without forgetting his origins, his dear Estepona. Every time he returned, he collected from the coast of Estepona everything that the sea did not want, beginning to make these works that for many years had taken him to prepare. The works are made with remains that the sea does not want and returns them to the earth. This artist is very aware of nature, hence these works, made with nets, ropes, plastics, ropes, pieces of anchors, remnants of traces, irons, etc, in this way the artist collaborates with the Environment, donating the works to the Municipal Museums of the Town Hall of Estepona, so that people see what they do not have to throw into the sea and can observe something different from what is normally seen in exhibitions.

Week from January 8 to 14
Conference: “I am a coach of my life, my own life”

Date: 11/01/2018 At 20:00 hours

Place: Padre Manuel Cultural Center

Price: Free

The City Council of Estepona, through the municipal delegation of Culture, reports that next Thursday, January 11, 2018, at 20:00 hours, will take place at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center a new conference-workshop by Anna Cutropía, naturopath, emotional coaching and leadership, functional nutrition, emotional diet, hypnologist, NLP practioner, graphologist, astrologer …

The conference-workshop, with free admission until full capacity, will be entitled “I am a life coach, my own life”. According to the speaker, “we are the best coach of our own life; We know our limitations and better than anyone our virtues. In this workshop we will learn to give light to our shadows. ”

The professional career of Anna Cutropía goes through holistic therapies, as they are currently known, and began in 1992 on the Costa del Sol. Since then she has been working with different alternative techniques, such as quartz, chakras, meditation, hypnosis, the sixth sense, morphology of the hands and face, astrology, numerology, etc …

In addition to her activity as a therapist, she is a trainer in alternative therapies. In 2004 he obtained his teaching appointment to teach classes for the European Foundation for Alternative Medicines (FEMA). In turn, he founded the “La Trinacria School”, where many people have been trained in holistic therapies.

After his long career, training and work, offers a wide range of therapies, techniques and training. In addition to collaborating in different media, spreading the benefits of alternative therapies, she regularly participates in conferences and talks with different laboratories dedicated to this type of therapies.

Week from January 15 to 21
The House Of The Seven Balconies
January 19, 2018 at 20:30
Tickets from € 11.00
Venue: Felipe VI Auditorium

Grease Sing Along
January 20, 2018 at 20:00
Tickets from € 11.00
Venue: Felipe VI Auditorium

Children’s workshop: “Science with crazy experiments”

Date: 20/01/2018 From 11:00 to 13:00 hours

Place: Padre Manuel Cultural Center

Price: € 10

The City Council of Estepona, through the Sociocultural Area and Services, informs that the registration period is open in the children’s workshop “Science with crazy experiments” aimed at children from 3 to 12 years old, which will be taught by Daniel Guirado at the Cultural Center Father Manuel on Saturday, January 20, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., organized by the Center for Contemporary Culture of the Diputación de Málaga, La Térmica, in collaboration with the municipal delegation of Culture.

In this activity there will be “a frantic battery of experiments that will teach us the surprising of natural phenomena, such as launching a rocket made with a bottle of soft drink, lighting a bulb with a lemon, making a liquid on which we can walk … All these experiences will create in the little ones curiosity and intuition that will help them in their academic future ”

“The children will perform experiments with their hands in the first person. We will shout, we will marvel, we will stain ourselves to the eyebrows, we will sweat and we will have a lot of fun “, point out about an activity in which the youngest children develop skills such as plastic creativity, fine motor skills, scientific intuition, critical spirit, observation capacity, ability to surprise, self-esteem, patience and teamwork.

Contents: Acid base reactions; Rocket launching; The physics of fluids; DC circuits; and Generation of alternating current.

The registration fee for this three-hour session is € 10. Interested persons can register at or through the telephones 952 069 100/952 069 189 of La Térmica.

Daniel Guirado is a doctor in astrophysics from the University of Granada and the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC). He has made a post-doctoral stay at the University of Helsinki. He is also founder of the group ‘Ana Lógica’ and is currently part of the musical group ‘Bird Jack’. He is responsible for the scientific show ‘Science in the Bar’, where he performs scientific experiments with materials typical of any bar.

The World of Fantasy
January 21, 2018 at 12:00
Tickets from € 11.00
Venue: Felipe VI Auditorium

From the creators of “Michael’s Legacy”, the best tribute to the King of Pop, now this musical is born focused on a children’s audience to tour the best theaters and venues: “The World of Fantasy”.
We have the same production, director-choreographer and technical professionals, as well as with the same cast of professional dancers who have achieved so much success and recognition in 2017 with the Michael’s Legacy tour, which undoubtedly guarantees a very high level of scenic, visual and artistic result.
“EL MUNDO DE FANTASIA” is a musical with live voices and 10 dancers on stage, where children and adults of all ages will enjoy for over 60 minutes with our favorite characters, recreating in that fantasy world that we all have inside.

Michael’s Legacy
January 21, 2018 at 20:00
Tickets from € 20.00
Venue: Felipe VI Auditorium

Michael’s Legacy, endorsed by the Fan Club of Michael Jackson in Spain as the best musical show about The King of Pop today, is a tribute to Michael Jackson, created by the company
Jackson Dance Company. Michael’s Legacy is the first tribute to Michael Jackson that offers the concept of entertainment that the king of pop had on his tours. Michael’s Legacy is a show suitable for all ages, in which you can enjoy a very careful set, with exact replicas of the original songs and a special touch given by the company in their performances, with a great body of dance formed by 9 dancers and great live voices that will transmit to us perfectly the messages that the king of pop made us reach in each of his performances, making you live an incredible story as if you were the protagonist.

The last one switches the lights

January 26, 2018 at 20:00

Tickets from € 18.00

Venue: Felipe VI Auditorium

The last to turn off the light !, a hilarious comedy written and directed by Antonio Ozores and starring Emma Ozores and Alfonso Delgado. With a single act, the work pursues a fundamental goal, to make people laugh!

The work shows different ways of attracting the other sex. How would a shy man connect? And an intellectual? A peculiar reflection on jealousy in the couple and how being too charming can end in divorce. An elderly couple discovering the infidelity of their partner, at eighty. You will discover the reaction of new parents with their first child at home. Formulas to overcome the monotony in the couple, and a sample of when we pretend what we are not to fall in love with those we want. Do not miss this comedy for all audiences where you will feel reflected in various situations.