Sculptures route

If you come to Estepona for tourism, you can not miss seeing the beautiful sculptures that adorn our streets. They are sculptures paying homage to the figures and important moments of our city and country.

On this route you can find the sculptures made by: Juan Miguel Quiñones, Joaquin Aguilera, Toby Govan, among many others. You will enjoy works of art such as the Monument to the Constitution, Garden of the Andalusian poets, Monument to the peseta, Monument to tourists and many more sculptures.

Cristo Redentor de Francisco Alarcón

Cristo redentor

Located in the Bda. El Carmen, C / Guadiaro (next to the Church of El Carmen). It measures 3 meters high, it is made of hardened iron in forge. It is an allegory of Jesus Christ embracing the world.

Monumento a la Policía Local de Joaquín Aguilera


We found this sculpture in the Seghers roundabout. It is in recognition of the work of the Police and is represented by an agent with a child.

Triciclo de Juan Miguel Quiñones


Located in the Children’s Park. The author wants to pay tribute to childhood innocence. This sculpture has the shape of a giant tricycle.

Homenaje a Frasquito de Joaquín Aguilera.

homenaje a frasquito

Exposed in Gardens of the Bullring. This sculpture wants to pay homage to the novillero Francisco Gil Chacón “Frasquito” who died fighting in this square in 1935, at the age of 26 years.

Ofelia de Joaquín Aguilera


We will find it in the Bda. El Carmen, C / Guadiaro (next to El Carmen church). A sculpture made of granite stone and white cement, is an allegory about motherhood. It measures 2.5 meters high and 1.30 meters wide.

Levante de Juan Miguel Quiñones


Next to the Church of El Carmen in C / Guadiaro we find this sculpture is made with the same stone that was used to make the construction of the Church of Carmen.

Analiza de Santiago


This sculpture can be seen in Avenida Carlos Cano (with C / Delfin), it represents a man sitting with part of his brain in his hand, thus making a reflection on the mind and the power of reasoning.

El Ascenso de Tobi Govan

ruta de las esculturas

To see this work we must visit the Paseo Marítimo (opposite Plaza ABC). Carved in limestone, representing two children climbing a stone.

Evasión de Santiago de Santiago


Made in bronze, it measures 3 meters high and weighs 300 kilos. It is this sculpture we can observe a woman who is held back by the past but can finally get the glory. We can see this work in the Plaza Diario ABC.

Tatuaje de Santiago de Santiago


We will find it on Avda. Juan Carlos I (Central Park roundabout). This represented by a couple is embracing. It has a height of 2.40 meters and a weight 190 kilograms.

Monumento a la Constitución de Francisco Alarcón y José Cano Mancilla

Monumento a la constitucion

You must visit the Constitution Park to see this great work of art. It is made of forge iron. It shows the spiritual values that lead to the birth of the constitution.

San Isidro Labrador

San Isidro Labrador

Located on Avda. Andalucía (with C / Pilar de Farinós). This sculpture of San Isidro Labrador is made in bronze.

El Abrazo a la Cultura de Tobi Govan

El abrazo a la cultura

You can find it at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center. It is a sculpture made of white marble that represents the mother culture and 3 children who are hugging it.

El Dragón al Sol de Tobi Govan

Dragon al sol

It is a sculpture that is made of limestone material in which we can see the Komodo dragon. We can see this great sculpture in El Calvario Park (Children’s Park).

Homenaje a Juana Luna de Joaquín Aguilera

Juana Luna

We can also find it in El Calvario Park. With this work the author wanted to pay homage to the Estepona midwife Juana Luna.

En tus Brazos de Tobi Govan

En tu brazos

You can enjoy it on the Paseo Marítimo (with Avda. Juan Carlos I). It is a sculpture, which is carved in a piece of limestone, the author wanted to symbolize a couple looking at the sea, thus paying tribute to the artist’s parents.

Costaleros de Francisco Galán Domínguez.


You will find it in the Plaza Almengual. With this sculpture the author wants to pay tribute to Estepona’s costaleros.

Buda de Tobi Govan


It is a sculpture that is made of marble and represents a Buddha. You can find this work in the Casa del Aljibe, Plaza Blas Infante.

Milagros de Santiago de Santiago


You will find it in Plaza Blas Infante. It is made of bronze with a height of just over 1 meter.

Padre Manuel de Joaquín AguileraLa poda de la buganvilla

Padre Manuel

You can see this great work in the Plaza San Francisco. It is dedicated to the parish priest known as “Padre Manuel”, you will find it next to the Church of Nª Sra. De los Remedios, in which he was assigned for many years.

Jardín de los Poetas Andaluces de Elena Lucas

Jardin de los poetas andaluces

You can see this sculpture in C / Jesús Cautivo. It is a set of 12 bronze busts, in which we can see poets like Carlos Murciano, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Vicente Alexandre, Luis Cernuda, among others. In addition, you can read the verses of one of the compositions of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez.

El Amor Salva de Santiago de Santiago

Al amor salva

In C / Damas – C / Adolfo Suarez de Figueroa, you can find this sculpture made in bronze and more than 1 meter high.

La Elefanta Requetebien de Toby Govan

La elefanta requetebien

When you walk through the Plaza de Las Flores you can find this wonderful sculpture made of limestone that attracts a lot of attention, especially from children, who do not resist touching it.

Elvia de Santiago de Santiago


The sculpture is located in C / Real (Paseillo). Made in bronze and which is inspired by a woman who won a Mexican beauty contest.

Monumento a la Peseta de Joaquín Aguilera

Monumento a la peseta

To see this sculpture you should take a walk along Paseo Marítimo. On this occasion the sculptor chose a 1944 peseta model that is aesthetically more elaborate.

Monumento al Turista de Joaquín Aguilera

Monumento al turista

We can locate it next to Correos on the Paseo Marítimo. This sculpture is made in bronze and in it we can see a traveler with his backpack and suitcase. In this way, the author wanted to pay tribute to tourism.

Mavi o Mujer Pensativa de Santiago de Santiago


If you want to see this sculpture you should go to Plaza Ortiz and represent a nude woman kneeling thinking.

Homenaje a La Mujer De Estepona de Francisco Alarcón

Homenaje a la mujer

In the Carrefour Rotunda we find Woman sitting on a bench with one foot in motion about to get up. It represents recognition of women’s work and initiative. This sculpture is made of bronze.

Labrador y Pescador de Mariano Amaya

labrador y pescador

This sculpture that honors the man of the field and the sea is in the Rotunda Palace of Congresses. Over the years it has become one of the emblems of the city.

Homenaje a Paul Naschy de Joaquín Aguilera

Homenaje a Paul Naschy

This sculpture is dedicated to Paul Naschy a famous actor and director, we can see this wonderful sculpture in the Palacio de Congresos.

Mirador del Ciclista de Andrés Montesanto

Mirador del ciclista

This sculpture was made as a tribute to the final of the 8th stage of the Tour of Spain in 2013, we can find it on the MA8301 road, 8.5 km. It represents two cyclists, one in white and the other pink, climbing A hill.

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