Ruta de los murales

The murals route was founded in September 2012, the city council established this murals as a cultural and artistic route in which the own city is de outdoor museum where we can found this artworks.

Creating this route it developes the neightbourhood attractive. You can find murals paying tributes to the city, among others. As a continuation, we’re going to show you the murals and the first murals international conpetition.

Venus Prehistórica de Estepona

Venus de Estepona

Painted by Anna Cecilia Salinas, we can see it in Mar y Sierra. Its inauguration was in September 2012. Subsidized by the CAIXA Foundation.

Alegoría de Estepona (Estepona Bermeja)

Estepona Bermeja

It is also made by Anna Cecilia Salinas and located in the Barriada de los Televisores. Its inauguration was in January 2013.

La casa de la buena gente

La Casa de la Buena Gente

This work is made by the artist Conchi Álvarez with acrylic paint in the Barriada Tres Banderas. It was inaugurated in January 2013.

Almas del mar

almas de mar

Carried out by Blanca Larrauri in the extension of Avd. San Lorenzo, we can see that three sea scenes related to the fishing traditions of Estepona are represented. It was inaugurated in April 2013.

Tiempos de claridad


This mural pays homage to the natural landscape of Estepona, we will find it in the neighborhood of San Isidro and it is made by Anna Cecilia Salinas. Its inauguration was in May 2013.

Estepona siglo XXI

Estepona siglo xxi

Painting made by the artist Néstor Plada in which we can see the composition of 7 scenes in which spaces and symbols of Estepona are shown, is located in San Roque street. It was opened in June 2013.

Madre amorosa

Madre Amorosa

Prepared by Francisco Alarcón as a tribute to the maternal figure and artistic learning, it is located in the Barriada Primavera. Its inauguration was in July 2013.

La mirada de un niño

La Mirada de un Niño

As “Madre amorosa” is also performed by Francisco Alarcón, this occasion pays homage to the children’s artistic learning located next to the “Madre Amorosa” mural in the Barriada Primavera. Also inaugurated in July 2013.

Pasen y vean

Pasen Y Vean

Great tribute to the world of circus and childhood painted by the artist Elena Aguilera, you can find it in the Barriada el Cid. It was inaugurated in August 2013.

Fundación Antonia Guerrero

Fundación Antonia Guerrero

This mural is a tribute of Joaquín Aguilera to the Antonia Guerrero Foundation, located on Armed Forces street. Its inauguration was in October 2013.

Una flor de futuro

Una flor del futuro

We can see this work located at C / Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, it is made by José Fernandez Ríos. It was inaugurated in November 2013

Un día de pesca

Un Dia de Pesca

Great work painted on 5 different walls and thus the perpective, is the largest mural of Spain on a building. He did it José Fernández Ríos wanted to represent how a fisherman catches a fish. (Opened in January 2014).

Azul y Mar: Emociones Líquidas

azul y mar

Mural made by Javier Infantes and located in C / Guadiaro, It was inaugurated in July 2014. This mural is financed by the commonwealth of municipalities of the western Costa del Sol.

Keep on trucking


Made by the artist Nano4814, this graffiti is located in C / Mantilla. It was inaugurated in July 2014. It was financed by the deputation.

Ángel, el buceador

Angel, el buceador

We see as if the puncture of the diver wanted to leave the wall of the building. It is located on C / Gravina and made by the artist Eric Aman, located, financed by the company Hidralia. It was opened in August 2014.



On this occasion this great work is done by the prisoners of Alhaurín de la Torre, we can locate it in the Bda. Blas Infante, 2 murals are collected, we see 2 lizards in relief on a green background and on the other side fish and jellyfish. Funded by Hidralia and inaugurated in 2014

Regando el jardín

Regando el jardin

In this case we see how painting and reality come together, since we can see the little girl moon watering the trees on the street. This work is made by José Fernández Ríos. It was inaugurated in November 2014 and financed by the railway services company.

Aires de música

Aires de Musica

Made in homage to the 75 years of the municipal music band, made by Blanca Larrauri. It is located in Plaza San Fernando, was inaugurated in December 2014 and financed by ferrovial services.

La poda de la buganvilla

Poda de la Buganvilla

Another of the murals made by José Fernández Ríos, to see this work we must go to the Victor de la Serna School, in which the effect of seeing some workers pruning the bougainvillea is created. Its inauguration was in April 2015. It is financed by Hidralia.

4 M


This mural is located in the Los Claveles building, where we can see the actress Scarlett Johansson. The painting is done by Miguel Gonzalez and was inaugurated in June 2015 and financed by the railroad services.

Sin memoria no hay historia

Sin pasión no hay memoria

This painting was sponsored by La Caixa, opening up in July 2015 and fulfilled by Joaquín Aguilera in Bda. Solís. This mural represents in two diferents murals the fishing tradition.

San Isidro Labrador

San Isidro Labrador

In the wall we see the patron of Estepona and his hermitage, the one in charge of this work is Blanca Larrauri and is in the Armed Forces Plaza. Inaugurated in June 2015 and financed by Unicaja.

Reflejos de jardín

Reflejos del Jardín

It is made by José Fernández Ríos next to the Botanical-Orchid Park of Estepona, inaugurated in July 2015 and financed by Urbaser.

Quijote en el S. XXI

El Quijote

To see this work we must visit the IES Puerta del Mar, it was inaugurated in January 2016 and financed by Ferrovial. This mural is painted by Curro Leyton.

Reflejos de jardín

Reflejos de jardin

This is the second part of the exhibition before, this expansion of the mural was also done by José Fernández Ríos and it opened in February 2016 and was financed by the Raga group.

In Memorian

in memoriam

This mural is made by 2 artists, Pilar Castañón and María Romero, we can see it in C / Pilar de Farinos nº 9 (Bda. San Isidro) and it is a tribute to the refugees.

6 segundos de oscuridad


Made by the artist Anula Mixtura, this mural represents a lighthouse and a great wave and is in the C / Matias Prat (Africa View).

Sueños de Libertad

Antonia Guerrero

Work from the hand of Francisco Alarcón between Valencia and Zaragoza streets, was inaugurated on November 2 with funding from the Antonia Guerrero Foundation.

Desde el Mar

desde el mar

Or also called Alegoría de Estepona, it is located in the Monterroso Institute and made by the artist José Fernández Ríos.

Quijote en el Gernika

El Quijote en el Guernica

Located in the CEIP “María Espinosa”. Painted by Curro Leyton and inaugurated on March 28, 2017.

Pórticos del Cielo

Porticos del cielo

Mural located next to the Cenyt Clinic, in Avda. Andalucía, is made by José Fernández Ríos and was inaugurated in 2018.


mural Atlanta que ver en Estepona

José Fernández Ríos is the artist of this work of art, in the Pinar building between Andalucía’s and los Reales avenue.

Evocación Nazarí

mural evocacion nazari que ver en estepona

José Fernández Ríos is the artist of this work of art, it’s located al Plaza Antonia Guererro and its inaguration was in 2018.

La última cena

mural ultima cena que ver en Estepona

Workof art made by Curry Leyton. Located on the San José’s Chucrh wall.


mural Leyton que ver en Estepona

Make of art from Curro Leyton. Located in “La Lobilla” Municipal Sports Center’s wall.

Espíritu de equipo

mural espiritu de equipo que ver en estepona

Francisco Alarcón is the creator of this make of art. Located at Ramos Cazorla Pavilion’s wall. It shows the  Female Minibasket 06 team from Estepona.

Recuerdos Orientales

Recuerdos occidentales

José Fernández Ríos is the artist of this work, located in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero and its inauguration was in 2018.

Azul y Plata del colectivo Moraga

Azul y Plata

Avda.Libertad (Bda.Blas Infante).

La Huerta de Irene de Encarnación de Hoyos

La Huerta de Irene

Avda. de Andalucía.

El I Concurso Internacional de Murales

In 2017 the City Council of Estepona and the social work “La Caixa” starred in the I International Mural Competition from July 10 to July 20, in which we can see the following 11 murals.

El Bosque de Las Maravillas

Bosque de las Maravillas

From Zosen and Nina Hamada, located on Terrace 152. This mural won the first prize.

No title

Obra Sin Titulo

From Efrén Calderón located in Camino Padre cura nº 6, corner with Juanito Valderrama square. Awarded with second place.

La Imagen Vuelta

la imagen vuelta

From Fernando Clemente located at Avda. Andalucía nº 57.

La Luna

La Luna

De Dadi Dreucol, situado en Avd. Andalucía nº 67.

Llegando a tu destino

Llegando a tu destino

From Dourone, in Prolongación Avd. San Lorenzo nº 17.

Paraíso Golf

Paraiso golf

From Manuel León, on C / Terraza 168.

Musas de Lalone


Located Avd. Puerta del Mar s / nº.

Jump into Blue

In to Blue

From CAZ. L, in plaza of the Andalusian poets.



De Rebelzer, located at Granada Street 16.



From Fran Redondo (mural in Braille system) located in C / Málaga, Edf. Saymar,



From Edmon, at the Ramón García School, Avda. Juan Carlos I (Young Mural Award)

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